Shipbuilding Initial Design   
Initial Outfitting   

Applications and Effects


3D Arrangement

Initial equipment placement and GA / MA drawing creation

Initial Material Quantity Estimations

Increase the accuracy of estimates by generating quantity report by early modeling in the initial estimate stage

Design Consistency Systems

Saving time by cutting out repeated modeling by reusing models in production systems (models from TTM Outfit, AM Outfit)

Main Function


  • Auto-routing of 3D models using system diagram(P&ID)
  • Automated generation of 3D models simultaneously with 2D drawings
  • Automatic calculation of Volume and Paint Area
  • Ruled Support of Pipe Routing Path Definitions using Ruled Design
  • Report estimated material quantity
  • Export to production system

Technical Features


  • Create equipment using 2D
  • Real time update link between 2D and 3D
  • Cut pipes used in rooms
  • Pipe Auto Cutting