Shipbuilding Initial Design   
Initial Structure   

Applications and Effects


Full 3D

- Applicable to 3D model based structure and detail design

Efficient time

- In cases of drawing work, 2D draft-based work reduces drawing time by 60% in comparison to
  3D model-based drawing work (3D modeling time + drawing working time)

3D MESH generation
for wire analysis

- 3D MESHs can be generated for wire analysis to support CSR-H (automatic and manual idealization
  method for FEM MESH without modifications to design model)

Design Consistency

- By converting the 2D-based detail design into 3D and recycling this information to production,
  working time in total hull design can be shortened by 50%

3D Model

Main Drawings

FE Mesh

Main Function


  • Full 3D Modeling of inner and outer hull
  • Interface with output and classification ( KR, DNV, etc.) program for structural calculation
  • FEM Mesh generation for FE analysis corresponding to CSR-H from 3D model
  • Create structural and detail drawings from 3D Modeling
  • Automated collection of general design information such as weight and welding information
  • Blocks can be divided and exported to production systems for re-use (TTM can export to HPD, AM, Tribon Hull etc.)

Design Consistency System

Interface with Hull Scan

TTM ▶ AM Migration

Technical Features


  • Structural modifications using parametric modeling
  • Rapid modeling with Relation, Rule, and Sketch-based modeling
  • Shell Landing
  • Mould, Material based real time display conversion (can be expressed as Material Thickness 0)


Shell landing image

Mould Standard, Material Standard Display image