Ship Retrofit Design   

Applications and Effects


Cloud Point Load

Direct load of Cloud Point created from Laser Scanner for use as background 3D model

Retrofit Design

Use Cloud Point as a base to transform your modeled Pipes, Structures, Plates, etc

3D CAD function

Pipe, Equipment, Seat, and Support modeling using Cloud Point
Modification of BWTS, engine renewal, etc

Main Function

  • Data input from formats including E57, LAS, PTX
  • Large file input capabilities (10GB and above)
  • Data area can be set by selecting desired 2D area and depth for faster function
  • Transform and rotate using 2position, 4position, and keyboard direction keys
  • Cloud Point Merge function available after combination to reduce data
  • Select Cloud Point to convert to Pipe, Profile, or Plate and adjust position
  • After selecting cloud data, model the desired shape with contour line
  • Input Fitting information to Flange, Valve, Reducer, and Tee
  • Pipe Branch Creation
  • Cloud Point deletion corresponding to the retrofit model

Technical Features

  • Support for spec driven modeling
  • Semi-Auto Routing
  • Relation based equipment modeling
  • Simpler parametric based modeling
  • IGES, STEP files can be imported to reuse equipment

Modified design features

  • Pipe, Pipe Support, Structure, Outfitting modeling based on the reverse design model
  • Modify location of pipe, branch, and component using parametric function
  • Automatic creation function : Pipe Spool Drawing, Pipe Support
  • Installation drawing function : Various simplification functions to easily create installation drawings