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A word from our CEO   
Time Tech Co., Ltd. is a venture company that develops 3D CAD systems in Korea (TTM).

Currently, 3D CAD systems used in the korean engineering industry are all foreign based systems. TimeTec has developed their own 3D CAD system to compete against these systems in the shipbuilding and plant industry. It does this with user-oriented development for creative and unique solutions to common problems found in other systems.

The characteristics of TTM are as follows.

The first is convenience.

The interface for TTM is designed to be visual and intuitive. The user can visually control their design and the intuitive nature of the program allows for precision, control, and fast correction in case of errors. In other words, TTM is developed for functionality and interactivity, in order to be worry-free and game-like.

Second, we strengthened programs related to production information.

In existing CAD programs, programs related to production information are a vulnerability which we have overcome by connecting the S/W (sold under the name PCS-GEN) to TTM. This means that while many other CAD programs may require large amounts of upfront customization such as new in-house programs before usage, TTM requires very little and can be used immediately upon purchase. Furthermore, production information can be added to blocks or module levels for real-time inspection, minimizing errors.

The third is competitiveness.

TTM differentiates itself from existing CAD systems by use of various technologies such as parametric modeling and relational modeling. This technological differentiation allows for faster and smoother design work. Users are reported to save 30-50% of time used in their design.

If you have not yet experienced TTM, please check the competitiveness of TTM directly.
Time Tec’s mission statement is to become the world's leading 3D CAD system in the engineering field with continuous technology development.
Thank you.
Representative of Time Tec Park Deok Yong