Plant Design   
Plant Structure   

Main Function


  • Rapid modeling of beam structure (Grid or 2D geometry based beam creation)
  • Relation based modeling automatically corrects associated models as models are updated
  • Automatic and manual updating for endcuts
  • 2Type Beam Connection Function(Welding, Bolting)
  • Column Basement, Base Plate Function
  • Plate beam structure for special shape
  • Input of production information such as Bevel, Excess, Assembly, Pos No/ Auto Bevel, POS NO automation
  • Supports production part creation and nesting (Plate, Profile, Flat Bar)

Modeling using 2D shapes

Plant Modeling

Simple copy and mirror copy

Beam Connection

Column Basement

Column Base Plate

Create reinforcing member

Panel creation

Panel creation and edit

Production information and split

Nesting and Shapes

Assembly Diagram