Shipbuilding Production Design   
Hull Production   

Applications and Effects



- Fast and intuitive modeling
- 50% reduction in work time in comparison to existing modeling systems


- 2D Draft function can work in real time regardless of 2D or 3D view
- Accurate and efficient modeling of vertical and horizontal members using 2D drafts
- Post modeling check and update function

Built in
In-House Programs

- Programs for Modeling, Assembly Drawing , and Nesting Drawing are included
- Rule Check Program
- Significant cost savings compared to other systems

Systems for
immediate use

- Basic inclusion of Korean shipyard production practices and standards

Main Features


Related project work using editing design

  • Easily and quickly edit modeling within similar projects using Relation and Parametric, such as changes in length, width and height of the ship in response to changes to analogous projects
  • In cases where the height of the deck is changed, decks can be updated or reproduced in related projects according to the position of the deck, even if the frame space and long space are changed

Modification/addition of production information and Reduction of shape checking time

  • Information on parts used in production can be checked and modified in real time (during modeling) for input errors in excess, shrinkage,
    bevel, etc.
  • The designer can always check in real-time whether the production part was made properly without errors

Included In-house programs

1. Modeling + Assembly Drawing + Nesting + Cutting Drawing batch work functionality
    Dramatically reduce costs compared to other systems

① Nesting function
  • Use Nesting function on single or multiple sheets
  • Use Auto Prenesting function by Thickness, Grade, or Stage
② Hand Cutting Drawing
  • Profile / Stripping Part-Detail and Precise Hand Cutting production is used to accurately calculate the quantity of materials required
③ Cutting Drawing
  • Plate / Stripping Part-Detail and accurate production arrangement
④Assembly Drawing
  • Modeling ↔ Assembly Drawing update linked for forward and backward management
  • Produce fast and accurate drawings using Semi-Automatic Assembly Drawing function by location

2. Rule check (error verification system)
    Design quality control is included in the error verification system that detects design errors at the 3D modeling stage

※ Design error verification system
  • Bevel Side Check of Adjacent Panel
  • Check the distance between the hole and boundary or member
  • Alignment and Distance Check between Hole, Notch and other members
  • Distance between Scallop, Notch and Slot Hole
  • Slot hole symmetry Check
  • Check interference with adjacent members
  • Check chamfer if there is a step with adjacent panel plate
  • Part Excess Check
  • Checking members that are attached parallel to butt seam

Outer hull Features


Automatically generated drawings

In a 3D environment, generate profile landing, plate, and stiffener interactively, and automatically / semi-automatically create images such as Template Drawing, Profile Bending Drawing, and Pin-Jig from the 3D model.

Outer hull expansion

The Shell Plate is developed using a strip division method which creates results that are equal or superior in comparison to results of previously worked projects

  • Modification in the 3D modeling step is applied quickly and accurately in Real-time → production → confirmation → Development result can be modified by setting the number of strips, development center axis, etc.